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PROFI-TM Professional

Quality tester PROFI-TM Professional

Prueba rápida y sencilla PROFIBUS

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The PROFI-TM Professional allows remarkable savings in time and costs, because physical values and the communication of your PROFIBUS are measured by only one device and during operation. The PROFIBUS tester of the latest generation supports your commissioning and service and is also an appropriate device to perform a certification measurement of new installations.

With its functionality the PROFI-TM Professional is the key PROFIBUS measuring tool:

  • Fully adequate telegram monitor
  • Quick measurement including fieldbus status display
  • Measurement without PC possible
  • Up to 10 measurements can be stored autarkical
  • Completely physical and logical analysis
  • Comfortable oscilloscope feature
  • Integrated master simulator
  • Detailed display of system topology
  • Printout of reports
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